Why Choose Intercraften?

Intercraften has been built from the ground up to provide what we believe to be the best online Minecraft experience for kids. Here are just a few of the many things we offer to all who join us:

Censored and Monitored Chat

By far the biggest reason that many people join us is to escape from the profane and insulting language found on other servers. We run and maintain not one, but three strict chat censors that catch and deny sending of all profanity, and immediately kick the offender offline. The filter is constantly being updated and changed in order to provide a true profanity-free chat box for everyone to use.

Whitelisting Process

Every person wishing to join Intercraften must submit a request to join, as well as agreeing to read, understand, and follow the server's rules. Every request is read and responded to by a real person. This ensures that not just anybody is joining and interacting with our players, which can be a major concern in other, non-controlled environments where anybody can connect at any time. On average, Intercraften receives about 30 join requests every single day.

Great Staff Members

Intercraften's staff are selected for their personality, people skills, maturity, and decision-making. Whereas most other servers promote users primarily based on game knowledge, we understand that being a great role model for thousands of kids is much more important. The staff are in constant communication every single day about the server and any issues that need to be solved, and have a great understanding of how to "do it right" and model exemplary online behavior for our players.

Parental Involvement

In cases of misbehavior, the server staff make every possible attempt at involving parents and/or caregivers in the process. This ensures that the undesirable behavior will not be repeated and that the offender has an understanding of what they've done wrong, why it's not okay, and how to better behave themselves in the future.